CBP (99%)

CBP (99%)

4,4-二(9-咔唑)联苯4,4′-Bis(N-carbazolyl)-1,1′-biphenylSynonym: CBP          (LUMO: ~2.7eV    HOMO: ~5.9eV)



 Product Number:  PLT403031B
 CAS Number:  58328-31-7
 MDL Number:  MFCD00093417
 Linear Formula:  C36H24N2
 Mol Weight:  484.60
 Purity:  >99%(HPLC), Sublimed
 Appearance:  White Powder
 Solubility:  Soluble in Chloroform,THF et al
 Fluorescence:  λPL 369 nm in THF
 UV Absorption:  λabs 292 nm and 318 nm in THF
 Packaging:  5 g or as required in glass bottle
 Store:  2-8℃ under N2 atmosphere
 Notes:  HPLC & 1HNMR spectra, user instruction for enquiring
产品性能参数(Product description):

The UV-Vis absorption and PL spectra of PLT403031B in THF solution.